Featured - August 17, 2016


Class of 2015

Crawford College North Coast


A born and bred Umhlanga girl, Teal is one of three sisters in the Hogg family, and matriculated from Crawford North Coast in 2015.

Now ranked one of the top female surfers in the South Africa, she says her passion for ripping it up in the surf was born when she caught her first wave during a family holiday in Sudwana Bay, when she was just five years old. She was instantly hooked. She says that her father was a rugby player, and soon realised he couldn’t teach her to play rugby, so decided to teach her to surf.

So the journey began, with Teal’s short board surfing and later on with competitive surfing at the age of nine, emerging victorious in the under 10 division of the ChemSpec Durban Surfing Junior Provincial Championships in 2007.

Although surfing seems to come naturally to this beauty, she admits it has taken lots of hard work and tenacity to get to where she is today. She managed to remain first seed at the KZN trials for six years in a row, and while she loved surfing for KZN, Teal’s goal was always to get onto the South African team. After lots of training she managed to obtain her goals. She is a very successful natural-footer, with some big results behind her. The U17 title in the 2013 Hurley SA Junior Championships in Jeffrey’s Bay was followed by another victory and the same title in 2014. Last year Teal came from behind, sneaking a cracker wave at the end of the final and smashing it all the way through to the inside to impress the judges and win the title. Teal also competed in Europe on the WQS last year, and has her heart set on qualifying for the Women’s World Championship Tour. She calls Bronze Beach in Umhlanga and Seal Point, Cape St Francis in the Eastern Cape as her two favourite waves.

Teal maintain that surfing for her is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Her training regime is tough and she says she always finds it funny when people assume surfing is more of a hobby than a sport.

“We have to put in hours of hard work – both in the water and at the gym. I think some of the top female surfers in the world actually train harder and are fitter than top runners and swimmers. I surf and train everyday not just to keep fit but because of the rush I get from continuously pushing my mind and body to the next level. Surfing is a combination of core strength, balance, explosive power and endurance. To keep on my level I train in and out of the water. In order to maintain a fit lifestyle I fill my life with Pilates, Yoga, and body weight exercises. I recently qualified as a Pilates instructor, and this teaches me about my body, and help me understand how far I can push myself.  I’ve learnt overtime, sprinting stairs and long distance running is also a wonderful way to stay in shape.  I use my Elevation Training Mask on 12 000ft. for high altitude training.”

Everyday surfing is growing as a sport and no longer over looked and laid back like in the 70’s. “I believe to be a professional athlete you have to put in 100% into all aspects, whether it be training or eating healthy.” With her ‘never give up’ personality Teal says she is excited about the way women’s surfing is improving in South Africa. “I think female surfing has evolved over the past 10 years and girls are showing the guys that while they might not be physically as strong, they can still do exactly what the guys do!”

“Surfing is my life. All I want to do is travel the world and surf. I’m incredibly lucky to have such supportive parents and am so grateful for their continues support.”



5 quick questions: 

Your biggest wave?

It was the biggest wave of the day – a 12ft wave at a Billabong Pro event in Victoria Bay when I was 12 years old. I was determined to go out even though the surf was really big. It literally ‘klapped’ me all the way to the shore and I wasted a good 15 minutes of the competition with that wave. But I was really proud that I had the guts to go out and at least I caught one wave after that!

Your favourite waves?
Umhlanga’s Bronze Beach and Seal Point in St Francis Bay.

Your top 3 dream surf spots?
Angola, Scotland and Trestles in California

Your surfing hero?
I have two – Bethany Hamilton (who lost her arm in a shark attack and is still a highly successful professional surfer), and Sally Fitzgibbons (who is one of the fittest surfers in the world and although she’s never won and always seems to come second, she never gives up). I love seeing people battle the odds and never give up. I would love to surf against both of them one day!

Your favourite way to chill?
Listening to old-school music like Bob Dylan, and taking my dog Gypsy to the beach. He is like a dog-version of me – he’s all sad and grumpy when he’s at home and then becomes completely happy and crazy on the beach!