CrawfordSchools™ has been a part of South African education for over 20 years. The schools that make up the Crawford collection constitute the largest single private school organisation in South Africa. CrawfordSchools™ boasts nineteen of the top schools in South Africa. Together they have challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in our country. Their academic success is proven.

CrawfordSchools™ is a trailblazer in innovative and forward-thinking education. Every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel. The child-centred approach inherent in every school ensures that students examine and realise their own potential.

CrawfordSchools™ offers an academic foundation of the highest order and ensures that each student is a fully-rounded person. Cultural success is a cornerstone of every school, while sport is enjoyed by every sports-loving student and community involvement is celebrated by every civic-minded citizen.

CrawfordSchools™ prepares students in the best possible way for life. In the Matric year, students are prepared thoroughly for an examination that is a gateway to tertiary education. Progress and practice is monitored through a series of internationally benchmarked assessments. For over ten years, Crawford students have established a reputation of success among the top matriculants in the land. Since Crawford students do not learn by rote, they enter University able to accept challenges, participate effectively, think independently and question critically.We prepare our students to face the real world.

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