Water, water, everywhere

Water, water, everywhere

Crawford Cares - February 2, 2016


Crawford College North Coast pupils rallied around with enthusiasm to collect water for East Coast Radio’s Water-Drive. Crawford College North Coast pupils responded generously to East Coast Radio’s Water-Drive. In just two days, the pupils and their parents donated 550 x 5 litre bottles of water which the school delivered to East Coast Radio House last week. “Living as we are, in the grips of the serious drought prevailing on the North Coast at present, our community is conscious of the water shortages that exist throughout our region and the desperation of many communities, particularly in the interior and located away from urban areas,” said senior deputy principal, Les Nielson. “We hope this donation will alleviate some of the suffering these communities are having to endure.”

During this positive community outreach activity, some individuals stood out as champions of this cause. “Chelsi Payne (12) and Eric Schmidt-Löffler (12) sprang into action and arranged for the delivery and sale of hundreds of bottles on the campus, channelling our student-community’s spirit into positive action.

“Shail Maraj (11) and Laeqah Ismail (9) were individually responsible for significant and notable donations.

“We thank all donors for their generous support.”