Village Lessons: Hand Eye Coordination

Village Lessons: Hand Eye Coordination

Featured - February 15, 2016


Essential Lessons

Eye-hand coordination is the combination of eyes and hands working together. It is essential to almost anything we want to do. Writing of course is a most obvious skill requiring eye-hand coordination, but what about reaching for an object, doing up buttons or zips, feeding yourself, steering a bike, sewing with a needle, or manipulating a toy? When one thinks of eye-hand coordination, one tends to focus on the hands, and to forget about the importance that the eyes play. The eyes and hands need to work well together as a team, in order to produce fine, accurate movements. Both eyes and hands play an essential role in the child’s ability to learn about the world around him.

Target aiming such as balloon squirting, bubble popping, throwing objects (balls, scarves, beanbags)have been great fun for our Grade 000’s in developing this essential skill.