CrawfordSchools™ has a unique approach to uniforms.  Rather than a uniform, CrawfordSchools™ has a “multi-form” that encourages a sense of individuality and provides students as young as 5 with the opportunity to practice their decision making skills on a daily basis.

A variety of multiform options are available and students can mix and match the casual multiform on a daily basis, allowing for freedom of expression within acceptable boundaries.

In the Pre-Primary the uniform consists of a t-shirt, short, skort and a tracksuit.  Various items are available such as lunchboxes and backpacks.

The Preparatory uniform mainly consists of a golf shirt (sleeveless, short sleeved or long sleeved) to be worn with jeans and a tartan skirt, skort or tunic.

The College has a “step-out” uniform, which consists of a white shirt, smart black trousers/skirt and a CrawfordSchools™ tie and blazer.

The casual uniform consists of a black trousers/skirt school golf shirt as well as a variety of tops and other items.


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