Sports Programme

Sports Programme

Featured - February 15, 2016


At Crawford Lonehill we offer a wide variety of sporting activities. Pupils are encouraged to participate in a minimum of one school based sport per term, as it is important for them to become more physically active and to be a participant in a team sport.

The benefits of a team sport are to…

Encourage social interaction
Increase personal confidence and self awareness
Improve concentration and learning
Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
Enhance self-esteem

We offer all the traditional seasonal sports as well as some which may appeal to a wider spectrum of children. For example, we have our own climbing wall and our pupils have excelled when competing with other schools on the wall. Golf is appropriate as our campus was previously a 9 hole golf course! We have a small training pool in order to build confidence in those who feel unsure of our 25 meter pool. Our school bus takes a group of avid equestrian riders to the Riba stables every Monday afternoon where this popular pastime is enjoyed.