School Activities

School Activities

Academic - February 5, 2016


We provide a good balance on a daily basis between organised class activities and group activities that are either facilitated by the group teacher, or the subject specialist teacher.

These activities are as follows:

Physical: Specialist physical developmental education
Cognitive: Indoor games and puzzles
Computer Education: Technology (from Grade 00)
Culture and Creativity: Movement and dance, drama, visual art, music and ballet
Learning Programmes; Grade 000 and 00 – skills and language programme
Grade 0: School readiness concepts and skills programme, Audiblox, phonics and numeracy programmes.

The above activities are interspersed with teacher supervised periods of “free choice” indoor and outdoor activities, where the children have a choice of where to play and with whom, e.g. outdoor play on the Adventure Playground equipment, cycling or experimenting with sensopathic materials and water play. Indoor play takes place in our Fantasy Room (dolls/dress up/blocks/theme play), the Creative room (painting/drawing/play dough/waste construction), or our Cognitive area (puzzles, books,construction toys and games).

Extra-Mural Activities

Playball*, Intro-Golf*, Monkeynastix*, Karate*, Music*, Gym Kids*

* subject to demand and at an additional cost to parents.