Lonehill Preparatory
Lonehill Preparatory

About Us

We welcome you to our unique education system. We are proud of our fresh and alternative approach to education and the fact that we provide children with the finest all-round education available. We believe strongly in value-based education: our children should enjoy their schooling so that it sets the tone for life-long learning and create well-rounded, responsible citizens of the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to...

be the ideal school of choice in the area, offering a unique education to all-round achievers whilst nurturing the essence of the child.

Our Mission

  1. To encourage independent thought: teaching pupils to think, understand and apply rather than learning by rote.
  2. To see and discover talent in every pupil; praising effort and achievement on every front.
  3. Selecting and supporting teachers who will inspire, enthuse and encourage pupils to the highest levels of their ability, thus maximising their potential.
  4. Continually reviewing and renewing our policies to ensure that the education we provide remains innovative and appropriate.
  5. Exposing children to a full spectrum of experiences which will enrich and expand their cultural horizons.
  6. Developing leadership and team play through a wide variety of sports and cultural pursuits at both competitive and social levels.
  7. Implementing a school policy which is caring and empathetic and respects each individual’s needs, dignity and rights.

School Facilities


Term Dates

Term 1

January 17-April 29

Term 2

April 16-June 29

Term 3

July 23-September 28

Term 4

October 8-December 7


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