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Crawford Preparatory La Lucia is situated in Armstrong Avenue and caters for boys and girls from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Our spectacular looking school is located within a conservancy and has magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. Our school boasts 21st century style classrooms and modern facilities equipped to provide a world class educational experience.


At Crawford...

Preparatory La Lucia it is our aim to equip our pupils with the 21st Century skills and knowledge needed to contribute positively in our increasingly connected and changing world.

Our committed and caring teachers create a stimulating, relevant and challenging environment where our pupils are inspired, where they love learning and where their talents are developed and discovered through the many exciting opportunities and activities that we offer.

In order to actively prepare and empower our pupils for their world, we have identified 5 Core Skill areas
that we always focus on.

These Core Skill areas are:

Thinking Skills: to develop critical, creative and reflective thinkers, who are equipped to solve unfamiliar problems and who can develop innovative ideas.
Research Skills: to develop skilled researchers who are able to find, interpret, evaluate and create information.
Communication Skills: to develop proficient communicators, who are able to articulate thoughts effectively, innovatively and sensitively.
Social Skills: to develop confident and capable collaborators who are able to interact well with people from all backgrounds.
Self-Management Skills: to develop balanced, respectful, caring and resilient individuals who are able
to manage themselves.

It is our intention to develop our pupils’ self-belief, to ensure that our pupils are cared for, that they are recognized as unique individuals and that they have a real sense of belonging. We aim to develop strong
and significant relationships with our pupils and it is through these connections that we get to understand
our pupils at a deeper level and help them to be the best that they can be.

Good character, our PRIDE Values (Passion; Respect; Integrity; Determination; Empathy) and the development of a growth mind-set are always focussed on. It is through this mind-set that our pupils will
have the courage to take on new challenges, will learn from their struggles and realize that there are no
limits to what they can achieve, if they are prepared to work hard.

We are blessed to have magnificent sports facilities and our pupils participate in a variety of activities at developmental, social and competitive levels. Cultural enrichment is built into the school curriculum and
also offered as extramural options. Our pupils are encouraged from a young age to express themselves through drama, music, art and dance. These daily experiences fulfill a vital educational function as active participation adds to the all-round development of our children.

The Crawford La Lucia Campus consists of 3 schools:-

Pre-Primary (Grade 000 – Grade 0) – Principal: Mrs Sue Pilkington-Williams
Preparatory (Grade 1 – Grade 7) – Principal: Mr Alan Angel
College (Grade 8 – Grade 12) – Principal: Ms Cal Warwick

For an appointment to visit our school or to obtain further information about the Preparatory School, please contact my PA, Mrs Beverley Groger on 031-562 9444 or

If we can be of any further assistance, we would love to hear from you.

Alan Angel
Crawford Preparatory La Lucia

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Term 1

January 17-March 28

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April 10-June 22

Term 3

July 17-September 21

Term 4

October 9-December 7


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