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Crawford Italia is the youngest in the CrawfordSchools™ Group. It is a Preparatory School for pupils from Gr 0 to 7 that opened in January 2014.

It is built on the premises of the Italian Club in Bedfordview – hence the name “Crawford Italia.” Although not an Italian school, Crawford Italia has an Italian flavour, which is evident in the fact that children do Italian at a conversational level and...

there is a focus on Italian culture running through the other subjects.  Children from Gr 4 have the opportunity to take Italian as an optional subject.
The educational philosophy that is followed by CrawfordSchools™ is referred to as “Crawfordology” and is therefore followed at our school.  Crawford Italia also includes aspects of the educational philosophy which comes out of Italy, called Reggio Emilia. The two philosophies complement one another, as they both put the child at the centre of the education process. Mutual respect and allowing the individual to develop their own personality and character are therefore fundamental principles of the school.

It takes a very special person to teach young children in this manner and it is here where Crawford Italia stands out. Every teacher is selected for the manner in which they work with children: finding talent within the individual and developing that talent to its full potential. Teachers are also selected to complement one another’s qualifications and experience in Crawford and Reggio Emilia education systems, whilst including talented teachers from outside these two educational philosophies. The result is that every day at Crawford Italia is a special experience for the child! One thing that visitors always comment on is the fact that the children at Crawford Italia are all so happy.

Crawford Italia extends and enriches the curriculum by offering optional subjects such as Dance, Italian, Theory of Art and Music to pupils from Gr 4 to 7. These subjects are taught by experts in their fields to ensure an exciting experience for children. The children has access to WiFi and are therefore taught cutting edge thinking skills with iPads and Apple Macs.. The extramural programme is carefully planned to maintain the critical balance between sport and cultural activities as well as between participation and competition.

The first phase of the building has been completed and houses grades 0 to 5, which we presently cater for. The second phase will incorporate specialist classrooms and will cater for our growing school up to Grade 7 in 2018.

Every day is Open Day at Crawford Italia! For your personalised visit to our school, please contact my personal assistant, Mrs Shannon Dickson, who will gladly make an appointment for us to meet and to show you the young school of which we are very proud.

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In South Africa we have been bombarded with news items on how badly our children are doing in international benchmarking tests of mathematics (and science).
TWINS – Behavioural Genetics
Watching a video of twins clinging to and stroking each other as they were washed after birth re-enforced for me that twins have a bond like no other. Whether they are identical or not, twins have shared their environment for nine months and are used to having each other around. But does this mean that …

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January 18-April 7

Term 2

April 24-June 30

Term 3

July 24-September 29

Term 4

October 9-December 6


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