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The CrawfordSchools™ philosophy of “Think, Understand and Apply” comes through in all that we do. Every child is given the opportunity to develop into the best individual person that he or she can be. We cater for individuality in every child within our caring and nurturing environment through our passionate and dedicated staff.

Our school is situated in the heart of the Craigavon community close to Fourways...


It caters for a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities during the normal school day, as well as on extra- mural basis. Our academic success is well known and we present a wide variety of subjects. Cutting-edge methods of teaching are implemented to prepare our pupils for the unknown world. We therefore change our methodology annually to adapt to these changes. New methods are researched continuously within our group of schools and best practices are shared between us.

This includes the latest technology where our children use mobile Apple Laptops throughout our wireless campus to research relevant topics of discussion. All learning is integrated into our syllabi and technology is used as a tool for learning. Low muscle tone is addressed in our preventative Neuro Developmental Programme which all Foundation Phase children experience daily. This allows for greater success in learning, whilst eliminating all primitive reflexes, thus preparing children for more formal learning. We follow the THRASS programme for phonics and spelling and the PAL Mathematics
programme for Mathematics.

Come and visit us to experience the energy of our school and meet our happy children.

Ian Rothman


Crawford treats its students with dignity and respect.

Small classes ensure one-on-one interaction between the teacher and student. Our academic philosophy of “Think, Understand and Apply” is adopted in our nurturing environment.

Individuality is encouraged, promoting self-assurance, confidence and independence. Our Code of Conduct is adopted and understood by all.

Expertise, commitment, innovative ideas and methodologies of our staff encapsulate the dynamics of our education philosophy. We develop self-discipline and responsibility in our pupils.

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In South Africa we have been bombarded with news items on how badly our children are doing in international benchmarking tests of mathematics (and science).
TWINS – Behavioural Genetics
Watching a video of twins clinging to and stroking each other as they were washed after birth re-enforced for me that twins have a bond like no other. Whether they are identical or not, twins have shared their environment for nine months and are used to having each other around. But does this mean that …

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January 18-April 7

Term 2

April 24-June 30

Term 3

July 24-September 29

Term 4

October 9-December 6


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