Morag Rees – A Creative Visionary and Principal of Crawford College Sandton

Morag Rees – A Creative Visionary and Principal of Crawford College Sandton

Featured - August 10, 2016


Morag Rees is a mother of three, an artist, creative thinker as well as visionary, committed to her creative passions. From a young age, Morag demonstrated an incredible commitment and enthusiasm for the arts. Thus it was no surprise, when in 1986 she obtained her B.A. Fine Arts Honours Degree at the University of Witwatersrand.


Having known since childhood that she wanted to teach, Morag continued to study a Bachelor degree of Education, finishing with her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Witwatersrand, specialising in Curriculum Development.


Morag’s appreciation for the arts has grown increasingly stronger. From the outset, she recognised the capacity of the visual arts to build awareness and self-esteem and as something which could nurture the individuality of each student.  Every day, Morag shapes young minds not only through art but through her amazing appreciation of life and her fellow man. She is a dynamic lady and has amazing presence. As the leader and principal of Crawford College Sandton, her students celebrate her passion for the arts and her commitment to all aspects of their education, particularly the building of independent thinkers and global contributors. They have an enormous respect and appreciation for what she teaches them in and outside the classroom.