#MenOfCrawford – Ian Rothman Principal of Crawford Preparatory Fourways

#MenOfCrawford – Ian Rothman Principal of Crawford Preparatory Fourways

Featured - November 11, 2016




Technology inspired, a people’s person, artistic, and a mathematical genius with a great sense of humour, is the combination of skills Ian Rothman brings to the table at Crawford Preparatory Fourways. Ian holds a Higher Diploma in Education (Cum Laude) from the Pretoria College of Education and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Africa. Over the years, he has attended numerous courses and conferences to enhance his skills.


He started his teaching career in 1993 at Robert Hicks Primary in Pretoria. In January 1996 he started his journey with Crawford as a founder member of Crawford Preparatory Pretoria. He taught Mathematics and Art Education and in 2000 was promoted to Senior Primary Co-Ordinator. Ian has had more than 14 years’ experience in senior management in the CrawfordSchools™ group: he was appointed as Deputy Principal in 2002 and promoted to Senior Deputy Principal in 2004.


“My passion lies in working with people. If I hadn’t been an educator, I would probably have been in psychological services”, says Ian.

Ian is a man of strong morals and ethics that has established solid administration, management and leadership skills. Over the years he has had extensive dealing with staff, students and parents and has developed great understanding of humanity.


During his tenure in management he has effectively engaged in various cross-campus initiatives within the greater CrawfordSchools™ group. He has played an active role in the leadership of the whole Crawford Pretoria campus through his involvement in projects to align academic and other programmes between the Preparatory school, the College and the Pre-Primary School.


Ian is passionate about his work and his enthusiasm for, and interest in, the pursuit of excellence continues to grow. He keeps abreast of the latest developments in education which even took him to Italy, where he attended a Reggio Emilia Conference in 2012, having done extensive research and investigation around this subject.


He has also worked closely with other Preparatory schools in the group regarding the Crawford product development. This enthusiasm and high level of understanding led to his very successful secondment to La Lucia Preparatory where he was actively involved in that school’s management team for a school term. He was appointed to Principal of Crawford Preparatory Fourways in July 2013.


Ian has created a strong balance between work life and home life and is interested in trends in education and the development of people.

Due to Ian’s involvement in CrawfordSchools™ for all these years he has an outstanding knowledge of the Crawford ethos and is well-suited for leading Crawford Preparatory Fourways to stay at the forefront of education in South Africa.