#MenOfCrawford – Anwar Karrim Managing Director of: CrawfordSchools and Abbotts College

#MenOfCrawford – Anwar Karrim Managing Director of: CrawfordSchools and Abbotts College

Featured - November 9, 2016


Business and family man Anwar Karrim joined CrawfordSchools™ as the Managing Director from the 1st of March of this year.

As Managing Director of CrawfordSchools™, he indicates that his vision is to continue to grow the academic excellence that is synonymous with the brand and to further strive to nurture the talents of all Crawford students to produce well-rounded and successful individuals.


“During the past eight months I have experienced just how passionate all our Crawford staff members are, how solid the foundations of development are, and most importantly how talented and committed our students are”, says Anwar.

- Anwar Karrim - Managing Director of: CrawfordSchools™ and Abbotts College


Anwar held the position of Financial Director at Centurus Colleges prior to joining CrawfordSchools™. He was exceptionally effective in enabling and facilitating a seamless transition of Centurus Colleges to the ADvTECH Schools Division. He also holds a wealth of experience in running schools from his days at Centurus College.


Prior to joining Centurus Colleges, Anwar’s past experience was with the Three Cities Hotel Group, where he held a multitude of roles within the organisation culminating in the position of Group Financial Director of South Africa and Africa, as well as a number of their subsidiaries.


Anwar holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and is very successful. He is certainly well qualified to provide advice and guidance for the Crawford and Abbotts College School brands.


He is not all about business, he is also a very dedicated family man. He is immensely proud of his family’s accomplishments and all that they mean to him. He is firm believer in a work-live balance and strives to achieve this on a daily basis. He is an avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter and enjoys watching cricket, playing squash and cycling.


Anwar is a man that always acts with integrity and the CrawfordSchools™ community is very honoured and proud to have him as their leader.