#MenOf Crawford: André Loots

#MenOf Crawford: André Loots

Featured - November 22, 2016


In continued honour of our #MenOfCrawford we would like to post this heartfelt view of Crawford and teaching from…

André Loots
Principal of Crawford College North Coast

From the moment he became a father, Crawford College North Coast principal, André Loots’ view on education changed. André has obtained a Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Johannesburg, and as well as being highly qualified, takes the responsibility of being an educator and making contact with all the individuals in his school extremely seriously. His greatest achievement of his career was being appointed as Principal – something that he wanted to be since he started teaching. His other highlight however, is the continuous contact that he has with the past students he has taught after they’ve started their own families.

“The school gives teachers the autonomy they need to give them the freedom to teach in the best possible way. I think this is why I have always enjoyed being at Crawford. This freedom allows both the teachers and the students, space in which to foster their individuality, while promoting mutual respect.”

André remains proud of the offering at Crawford North Coast that he believes goes a long way to reaching the vision that he and his colleagues have for Crawford North Coast. André’s dream for his school is for it to remain at the forefront of education, providing the best opportunities to enable his students to be prepared for the real world and to be responsible citizens when they leave school. Andre believes that respect is not about what you do in front of others, but what you do when they are not there. He wants to be a continuous part of creating the student who is inherently responsible. He also believes in encouraging his students to have a voice, remembering that it is not what they say, but how they say it. André believes in the saying ‘I can be who I am because I allow you to be who you are.’

Loots was Deputy Principal at Crawford College Lonehill, before moving to the beautiful Dolphin Coast to head up Crawford College North Coast in 2010. “Crawford North Coast has this unique farm feel and setting, which is so soothing and is ideal to stimulate your brain. Living here has improved our quality of family life too,” said the father of two daughters, Anri (16) and Tarryn (18), who are both at the College.