Jenny Coetzee – An Iron Lady

Jenny Coetzee – An Iron Lady

Featured - August 9, 2016


Jenny Coetzee joined Crawford College La Lucia as a founding member of the management team in January 1999 and during this time has held a myriad of management roles, including that of Deputy Principal, Senior Deputy Principal, Acting Principal and Principal and has done an outstanding job in successfully executing all of these positions that she has held.

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Education: Honours Degree from the University of Pretoria (2009) specialising in Educational Management, Law and Policy, a Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Natal (1980) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Natal (1979). In addition to these qualifications Jenny has completed the ADvTECH Management Development Programme as well as the ADvTECH Mentors Masterclass Programme. She was also involved in examination processes at National level as examiner, internal and external moderator.

Education is her passion and developing people to reach their full potential her quest. She believes that in taking every opportunity which life presents and having a growth mind-set is pivotal to success.  Life is just too short to constantly maintain the status quo. There always needs to be another challenge on the horizon.

Jenny is an avid reader and this extends into constantly researching for new ideas and challenges. She is very fond of travelling and her sense of adventure leads her to many interesting places. She has attended the International Conferences of Principals in Toronto and Helsinki and was fortunate to be invited to the Reimagine Education Conference in Mauritius this year.

She releases her creativity by crafting – all of which create a very healthy work-life balance. But most of all, Jenny loves to spend time with her family and friends.