Hairspray Drama Production

Hairspray Drama Production

Cultural - June 15, 2016


…. and the curtain closed on Hairspray Junior and what a week of sheer entertainment it was!
1962 in Baltimore, Tracy has one big dream, to dance on a well known TV show. This gave her and her friends the opportunity to celebrate students’ diversity and to celebrate the positive message of acceptance of each other.
The cast worked with passion, determination and a desire to achieve a show that we would all be proud of. Samantha Wright (Director) never doubted the ability of any child in the show. Her delightful, humorous coaching encouraged the children through each and very practice. Samantha uti-lized her talents as an Art and Drama Specialist to step up to the challenge of picking up with a given cast and ready script and produce a sell out show! My sincere thanks go to her for the ultimate success of the show.
Deidre Peel, Graeme Barnes our resident music specialists, joined by Nina Watson, a music teacher at the college and a homegrown student James Rice, added the vibe to the show. What a treat! It is wonderful to be in a position to share the talent of both schools on the campus.
Evashnee Pillay never fails to get each and every child to put his or her best foot forward and once again, a wonderful contribution of choreography was offered.


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