School Activities

School Activities

Featured - February 5, 2016


School Activities

We need to equip our children with both a set of values and an ever increasing knowledge base, including the skills to apply this knowledge and make sense of it in their world. We do this through PLAY! Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing, Pre- Maths skills are developed and we celebrate the arts through dance, drama, art and music and actively build our children’s bodies with a focus on physical development.

A sense of pride is developed as our children experiment, explore, design and represent their knowledge in all forms of creative expression and delight in the celebration of what they have achieved.

Our child-friendly learning environment ensures each area of a child’s development is addressed.
Physical – A structured Physical Development Programme and challenging outdoor experiences enhance large muscle development which is so vital for future learning.
Social and Emotional – Our child-centred staff create a safe, nurturing environment in which each child has the opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence and the appropriate social skills.
Intellectual – In conjunction with the National Curriculum, our children explore the 3 learning Areas of Mathematics, Literacy and Life Skills.

There is a good balance of organised activities and free choice activities that are facilitated by the teacher throughout the school morning both indoors and outdoors. These activities include;
adventure playground equipment
sensopathic experimentation, sand and water play
fantasy play (dolls/dress up/blocks/theme play)
creative activities include painting / drawing/ play dough / waste construction)
cognitive play (puzzle building, construction toys and educational games)
books to foster a love of reading

We teach our children to keep trying, praising their efforts, so they learn to believe in themselves. We encourage independence and provide opportunities for them to work in groups, cooperating as a team.

We enter into a partnership with our parents. Together we endeavour to instil sound values and a sense of responsibility which will lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Every child’s progress is carefully monitored and documented and this is shared with parents on a regular basis.

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