Fathers Day – Amazing Race

Fathers Day – Amazing Race

Events - June 24, 2016


“FATHERS DAY 2016” – The Amazing Race, what a way to begin the week. With a continuation of the spoiling of Dad from the weekend, the morning began early on the stands. With coffee in hand ±200 fathers awaited the instructions from Justin Paynter. Kerri Gallan, the inspiration behind the concept, and several staff members were already out in the field awaiting the arrival of the Dads and children. The first instruction given to the Dads was to find your own child, and for many this proved to be a challenge on its own. Once the children had been located, the first clue was given and the race was on! The aim was to get to Lifestyle and purchase a tin of cat food and another for a dog, pick up the next clue which took them to a delivery point at Westbrook beach. The SPCA and the Feral Cat Society will most definitely benefit from the huge contribution. Digging a hole in the beach sand, covering your child’s legs, and taking a selfie, concluded the third clue. The teams ran to the end of the beach for a much needed treat before returning to school. The reward of seeing the faces of Dads and their children laughing and discussing the event, was enough to conclude that a lot of fun was had by all.



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