Crawford Pretoria celebrates 20 years of education

Crawford Pretoria celebrates 20 years of education

Featured - February 15, 2016


Crawford Pretoria has been proudly serving the Pretoria community since 1996, when it was first established in Lukasrand. Since then, the campus has grown consistently. As trailblazers in innovative and forward-thinking education, they offer every student the opportunity to excel and every student is acknowledged as an individual. The child-centred approach to education from Grade 000 to Grade 12 ensures that students examine and realise their own potential. The Crawford Pre-Primary and Prep programme is balanced, so that there are activities catering for all aspects of a child’s development – physical, social, intellectual and emotional. The Crawford Pretoria campus is known for its fresh and innovative approach to education and quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with.”From the first yea, Crawford College produced top matric results in Gauteng” says Andre Both, principal of Crawford College Pretoria. Crawford matriculants write the IEB examination as well as the Victorian Certification (VCAA) examination in Grade 12.

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