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A warm welcome from Crawford College North Coast. We strive to nurture our students to become well-rounded, confident people. Our campus located in the sugarcane belt along the Dolphin Coast of KwaZulu-Natal provides a caring, friendly and inclusive environment in which we celebrate all our students’ achievements.
Our reputation as a center for academic excellence has enabled us to grow and flourish over the past twenty-one...

years. As a co-educational school, we are well placed to guide your child with his/her emotional and educational development.
The successes of our students both past and present bear testimony to the ways in which we approach education. Ultimately, we aim to develop students with a strong moral compass and ethical approach to life, who will make a lasting and positive contribution both to our community and our country. We instill the values of commitment, dedication and diligence to enable our students to overcome any obstacles in their voyage to achieving their potential.
Last year we introduced LIGHT as our Core Values at the College: Love of Learning, Inspiration, Grit, Humility and Trust. It coincided with our 20-year celebrations and reflected what we have become: an academic institution on the brink of coming-of-age in an ever-changing world.

At Crawford North Coast, we believe that the path to success lies in accepting challenges as opportunities for growth. We expect our students to strive for excellence and set high personal and academic standards for themselves. We encourage our students to think freely and play an active role in the learning process. Mutual respect is the cornerstone upon which our College community is built. Our focus is to develop well-behaved and self-disciplined students who wear their multiform with pride; students who respect themselves, their peers, their teachers and their parents. The College Code of Conduct ensures a controlled environment in which students can construct their own individualities.
In order to achieve our objectives, we employ experienced and highly qualified professional teachers and staff who are dedicated to maintaining high standards. Everything we do at Crawford North Coast is in the best interests of our students.
The College offers a broad range of extracurricular activities. Our students are encouraged to participate in a variety of sporting activities, which develop both the individual and the team and encourages a healthy spirit of competition. We are also widely respected as a centre for cultural excellence with strong dance, music, visual and performing arts departments.

The College is actively involved in several Community Outreach Programmes through which the students’ service to the community and their school is encouraged and recognised.

The daily School Communicator, weekly CNC newsletter, ‘School matters’ letter from me and Crawford Times keep parents updated on activities in the College. They also document the successes and activities of our students.
We guide our students to develop their potential in these very important formative years in every way possible. Wherever our students excel, may it be academically, in the sporting arena or on the cultural front, the staff at Crawford North Coast will be there to guide and support them.

Crawford College North Coast has a boarding facility that provides a safe and secure living environment within a supportive, extended-family-set-up that boasts a “home-from-home” lifestyle. We encourage boarders to approach their life in boarding in a positive manner, that ensures support and supervision for their academic performance, encourages participation in sport, culture and community services activities. Boarder students enjoy enriching lives in all spheres of College life.

As Principal I am very proud of CNC and I am absolutely confident that we can cater for your child’s individual needs.


The College also caters for 60 boarders, who are able to experience the benefit of a CrawfordSchools™ education even though they do not live near a Crawford school.
The boarders each have their own room and meals are provided by the highly regarded Café Flava chain of restaurants. In fact, all scholars, visitors and parents share the opportunity to dine at the College’s very own Café Flava restaurant.
The College participates in all the traditional sports, as well as in a wide variety of other sports. Cultural activities also form a major part of life at the school. Sport, cultural activities, community service and academic achievements are all recognised with school awards. Many students have achieved provincial colours, while eleven students have received SA Colours since 2015.
Academically, Crawford North Coast contributes substantially to the overall CrawfordSchools™’ success. 100% university pass rates in many years and a high percentage of subject A’s per student reflect the high standard of work produced by the College students.
If you would like to enroll your child into the gem of Crawford:

Debbi Wagner (032) 9433240

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While academic qualifications and securing future employment are usually the primary aim for most students applying to University,...
In South Africa we have been bombarded with news items on how badly our children are doing in international benchmarking tests of ...
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