Mother’s Day at Crawford Pre-Primary, North Coast ‘Queen of Hearts’

The Mums at Crawford Pre-Primary, North Coast spent a most enjoyable morning at school with their children, celebrating the unique role they play in the lives of their little ones. It was a really special occasion for both children and Mums, and excitement and laughter reigned supreme. The Mums dressed in keeping with the theme of ‘Queen of Hearts’ and certainly looked the part of royalty. It was the perfect opportunity for the Mums to participate in fun activities with their children after being entertained by soulful singing, movement and music. There was some tear jerking moments for the Mums as the children proved that their Mums are truly the ‘Queen’ of their hearts.


Recycle Day at Crawford Pre-Primary, North Coast


Recycle day aims to increase awareness by educating the community about the social and environmental benefits of recycling. The children at Crawford North Coast Pre-Primary used this opportunity to demonstrate how anti-waste can be used for fun and creativity. The children were encouraged to create something from anti-waste material at home which they brought to school. The children shared their ideas and discussed their special creations with much eagerness.img_2813