Grandparents Day @ Crawford Pre-Primary, North Coast

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are our legacy and form a vital and irreplaceable part of our families. To celebrate the invaluable contribution they make to the lives of their grandchildren, Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast hosted its Grandparents to a spectacular morning. The children honoured their Grandparents by expressing their love for these very special family members through song and music. There were plenty of hugs and kisses all round as the Grandparents relished the opportunity to share in the lives of their little darlings at school.


Grandparents Day for Foundation Phase

Our Foundation Phase has also enjoyed a busy time in the classroom and the highlight was Grandparents’ Day. It meant a great deal to our Grade 1 to 3 pupils to be able to share a part of their school day with Granny and Grandpa. They simply loved every minute.

“Truly Grandparents are wonderful in so many ways, Special people who always seem to brighten our days”.


Crawford Track the Torch

What a fantastic week it was. Our Management Team was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Crawford Olympic Torch that will be passed to each Crawford Campus in support of our 5 Crawfordian Olympic Swimmers. Our parade to the Pre School was a very festive, colourful and happy occasion.


Rio Carnival fever has taken over our school in celebration of the upcoming Olympics and our 5 Crawfordians who will be taking part.