Gr 1-3 Grandparents Day at North Coast Preparatory

Foundation Phase Grandparents’ Day. Our Grade 1, 2 and 3 pupils were very excited about their grandparents sharing their day with them. The Grade 3s introduced them to technology in the classroom, where Kahoot and Quizzes tested Granny and Grandpa’s general knowledge. The Grade 1s and 2s had a variety of activities prepared, one of the highlights being the recital of poetry and choral verse. The pupils enjoyed themselves and proudly showed their grandparents their books and work that they have done during lessons. Tea was served in the Media Centre and outside reception, where some of our musicians had the opportunity to showcase their musical talent and skill.

Crawford North Coast 20 Year Celebration Drone Footage

Posted by Crawford North Coast on Friday, 1 September 2017

20 Year Birthday Celebrations at North Coast Campus

Crawford Preparatory North Coast first opened its doors in January 1998 and over the past twenty
years, has developed into the school it is today. The founder of Crawford Schools, Graham Crawford, bought the Uthongathi Campus with the
vision of creating a Crawford School on the North Coast. Teachers were hand-picked and head hunted in order to establish a school with a strong
educational base and where the individuality of both teachers and pupils was important.Crawford Preparatory North Coast began as a small school, where the Pre-primary and Preparatory.  As the school grew, there was a need for more classroom space and so the new Preparatory wing
was built and the school settled into one space and become a united school.

The Preparatory School has had 4 principals, namely Mike Ford, Owen Kuyper, Bjorn Teunissen and our current principal, Sally-Anne Henegan.

Founding staff members that you will know are Mr Bjorn Teunissen, Mrs Kim Harding and Mrs Jenny Bamber. And so began our celebrations this week. Thursday was a special day where our pupils and staff made their way down to the College field to take part in the birthday ceremony with the pupils and staff from the entire Crawford North Coast Campus.