Gears 4 Ears – Fundraising

Crawford Preparatory had the opportunity to host a water table for a very worthy cause.

Gears 4 Ears
Hearing is believing. Having established a committee who are fully committed to the fundraiser we agreed to carry on raising funds to assist other cochlear candidates and recipients, achieve a dream of being able to hear again.
The need for a cochlear is a stage where hearing aids no longer work for you. However the costs of the cochlear are in the region of R400k today, so very few people can afford to have the implant. We work with the Durban Cochlear Team in terms of who can be assisted. This team includes the Audiologist’s and the surgeons who perform this life changing operation.A cochlear implant is about restoring the gift of hearing.


Easter Egg Drive

Thank you to the many families that contributed towards the drive to achieve a 9000 marshmallow Easter egg goal! Mrs Hook collected and organised distribution to Osindizweni School, the I Care Foundation, LIV Village, Cottonlands Primary School, the Westbrook Old Age Village and the children’s ward at the Victoria Hospital. The group of children that represented the Grade 7 Leadership Programme assisted me willing and with Crawford pride. It was a pleasure to do a community service with this well-mannered group of young boys and girls. Well done Emma Luyt, Rentia Burger, Erin Scott, Matthew Blackmore, Tristan Fortman, Prahlad Dhawpaul, Rebecca Gengan, Nandi Zuma, Mayali Naidoo and Shayuri Naidoo.

Principal Mrs Henegan and Pupils



Ballito residents and Crawford College North Coast students Deryn Burns and Courtney Fitchat have been “extremely humbled by the kind hearts of the people who have gone the extra mile to support us” in our endeavour to assist the orphaned children of Mr Moses Makhoba, the Enforce Reaction Officer who was murdered in the course of carrying out his duties in the Ballito commercial district.  Having heard of the plight of young Msawenkosi (7) and Ayanda (13) who had lost their mother last year on News24, they immediately decided that they wanted to assist them in any constructive manner that they could.

Initially they appealed to their family, friends and fellow students at Crawford College North Coast for donations of food, clothing and money.  After a positive and affirming response from this inner circle they decided to use social media to reach a wider audience so they posted their plea on Facebook.  This resulted in an effective response from Radio Life & Style who invited them for a few interviews at which the idea of a community concert was developed by Dave and Michael Charles.  Supported by Ms Vanessa Neyt (Deputy Principal at Crawford College North Coast) the community concert attracted a generous audience thanks to the numerous artists that performed on the night in aid of the Makhoba Charity initiative.

Throughout this charitable and selfless journey they have been supported by Enforce with both financial and legal support.


Our Superstar

Isabella Goate attended the Naledi Awards at the Lyric Theatre Gold Reef City as Shrek, The Musical was nominated for Children’s Theatre Show of the Year and they won. It was a great experience for her to firstly attend the awards ceremony and secondly to be part of such a phenomenal cast and production. We are very proud of Isabella and expect great things from her. Well done, Isabella!

Community and Leadership Programme

Students at Crawford College Sandton are committed to supporting their community and they actively participate in environmental and community projects. The school is a member of “Generation Earth” and ongoing recycling, e-waste, cartridge collections, clean-ups and energy saving projects are an integral part of the school.

A very large and successful Interact Club (sponsored by the Sandton Rotary Club) undertakes projects with the aged, abandoned babies, numerous AIDS programmes, Ma Afrika Tikkun, and many other organisations.

Students are given numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills via the Student Executive, Peer Counselling, GYLC, Junior Council, Student Council, the SRC, and by initiating and managing many projects in the school.

Crawford pupil swims her heart out for charity

A Sandton Seals Swimming Club swimmer, Monique Gerber, showed her charitable side following her participation in the recent Midmar Mile race.

Gerber, also a Crawford College Sandton pupil, swam eight miles in the race to raise funds for the Mandeville Dolphins Disabled Swimming Club, which is based in Bezuidenhout Valley.

The swimmer managed to raise around R1 000 which will assist the club to pay for coaching and getting swimming equipment.

The matric pupil explained the decision to take on the challenge at Midmar, considered the world’s largest open-water swimming competition, was made for a good cause. “This was the fourth year that I swam at Midmar, having swum two races for the last three years; but this year, I thought I could use the event to make a difference,” she said.

“I [then] chatted to my school swimming teacher, who also swims eight miles at Midmar and raises funds for a worthy cause. She inspired me, so I thought I could make my swim more meaningful by raising funds to support disabled swimmers.”

Gerber added that this encouraged her to join her teacher, Nadia Bacchini’s cause to make a difference and show others that she would be swimming for a worthy cause.

Despite this, taking on the eight miles had its challenges for Gerber. The young swimmer explained that the gruelling race comprised four one-mile races on the first day and another four one-mile races on the second day.

She added that this created concerns about her ability to complete all four races, especially since swimming was such a lonely sport, particularly in open-water competitions.

“[Swimming] is a mental game in that only you are there to motivate yourself to finish [but] I was proud, in the end, that I was able to push myself through each of the eight events,” she said.

Talking of future plans, Gerber explained that she planned to further her studies at university but that swimming would continue to play a big role in her life. “Even if I end up going far away from home, I will find other open-water races to compete in and I will certainly look to use these to support worthy causes,” she concluded.