Crawford North Coast 20 Year Celebration Drone Footage

Posted by Crawford North Coast on Friday, 1 September 2017

Grade 4 and 5 Academics

Grade 4 pupils were trying to figure out why a heavy balloon-sized ball of ice doesn’t sink, or why a tangerine with its peel on will float. They were investigating why an iceberg would prove to be such a formidable opponent for the ill-fated Titanic. The chatter was exhilarating- not because of the activity, as much as the wonder and enthusiasm about the learning that was happening. They dressed up as crew and guests on the Titanic for their lesson.

Grade 5 learnt about time.

Senior Phase happenings.

Grade 5 has been a hive of activity. Our pupils have been introduced to the world of Google Education and have signed up on Google classroom. This is a safe virtual classroom that they enjoy and utilise correctly. It was wonderful to see the pupils so engaged in their research and core skills necessary for 21st Century Education. Teaching visually through discussion and questioning gives the pupils opportunity to be actively involved in lessons, rather than being static recipients of content and facts.

The Grade 6 and 7’s researched plants. They put their skills to good use and found the botanical names of these plants and sent Mrs Swanepoel (Science teacher) a PDF document of their findings. Fun Science experiments were also done. They also followed international news in Social Sciences and produced an article on it.


The Gr 7’s had a busy and creative term in English!  The use of similes and metaphors in poetry was reinforced in the writing and decorating of their own simile and metaphor poem.