Staff Enrichment at CPNC

Our Ground staff at North Coast Preparatory Eugene, Mandoza & Khulu enjoyed their first computer lesson today!

They learnt some basic computer technology and how to get started by logging onto the computer and opening Word and Google.
They used different fonts and colours and wrote an article. After that they did an internet search for a photo and then inserted their picture into their article.

We look forward to learning a bit more each week.

Gr 1-3 Grandparents Day at North Coast Preparatory

Foundation Phase Grandparents’ Day. Our Grade 1, 2 and 3 pupils were very excited about their grandparents sharing their day with them. The Grade 3s introduced them to technology in the classroom, where Kahoot and Quizzes tested Granny and Grandpa’s general knowledge. The Grade 1s and 2s had a variety of activities prepared, one of the highlights being the recital of poetry and choral verse. The pupils enjoyed themselves and proudly showed their grandparents their books and work that they have done during lessons. Tea was served in the Media Centre and outside reception, where some of our musicians had the opportunity to showcase their musical talent and skill.

Buy a Brick Build a Home

Jaimie Black knew exactly who that young man was as she had also listened to the interview on the radio. She was so overwhelmed with excitement and inspired to help Wandile and his incredible cause that she decided to help him achieve his goal of building a home for a family. Jaimie was completely taken in by the vision of Ubuntu Design Group and their slogan “I am because you are”. Jaimie has a real passion for helping others and thrives on making a difference to the community she lives in. She particularly enjoys to see children smile and laugh and to know that she can help a family build a home and give them new opportunities. She believes in the ethos of Crawford; being caring and empathetic, respectful of each individual’s needs, dignity and rights.

As a result, Jaimie Black, with the help of her wonderful mom, Claire, have decided to start their own fund raising to help Wandile. Jaimie strongly believes that if everyone in Ballito could donate R100, the house will be built in no time.
We, at Crawford Preparatory North Coast, are extremely proud of Jaimie as she is a reflection of a true Crawfordian and represents everything we believe in. She is a true ambassador of our REACH Program. We look forward to following your progress, Jaimie.

Crawford performs at Hilton Arts Festival

Some of our musicians will be performing at the Hilton Festival on Saturday 16 September. It is a very prestigious event and we are very proud of those pupils who have been chosen to perform.

If you are able to attend the festival to support our musicians, our soloists will be performing in The Bistro restaurant from 3.15pm – 3.45pm and our drummers will be playing in The Festival Marquee at 4.15pm – 4.45pm.

We wish them well and hope that they learn from and enjoy the occasion.

Crawford Stars

Caroline Wassenaar, a Grade 5 pupil at Crawford Preparatory North Coast, competed at the Durban North Artistic Gymnastics Competition and was placed first in the Beam, Bar, Floor and Vault disciplines. She was placed first overall in Level 5 Girls. Well done and congratulations, Caroline.

Talia Reinstein, a Grade 5 pupil at Crawford Preparatory North Coast, will be performing at The Playhouse in the Shakespeare Festival on 9 September. She has a part in ‘As You Like It’. Congratulations, Talia.