Featured - August 22, 2016


Matric 2005                                                               

Crawford College La Lucia

Songbird: Lizé Heerman

Intelligence, determination and talent are a formidable combination – and Lizé Heerman possesses these qualities in abundance.

She has quite the background, ranging from Season 5 finalist for Idols South Africa to Supersport presenter, Radio DJ and most recently followed by her stint on The Voice Australia.

The 27-year-old grew up on a farm outside Johannesburg and began performing as early as the age of five, taking singing lessons to hone her craft. At the age of twelve she started with classical piano lessons to complement her signing talents.

Soon after she moved to La Lucia, where she matriculated from Crawford College La Lucia in 2005 and attended the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, attaining a Bachelor Degree in Law. Despite her dedication to study, she never gave up her passion for singing and at age 21 entered South African Idol eventually becoming a finalist.

With her soulful voice and sultry charm, Lizé is clearly at home on any stage. Since appearing on Idols, the talented songstress has endorsed SuperSport’s Let’s Play initiative and has launched onto the local music scene with her debut single, “Do you love me”.  The catchy single has an old school pop influence with a twist of contemporary style, reminiscent of international stars such as Duffy and Katie Melua. The locally produced single was mastered by the creative London-based team behind Amy Winehouse and Adele, bringing an international flair to a home-grown talent.

In 2012, Lizé relocated from South Africa to Australia. She received much media coverage after a sold out performance at Perth Ellington Jazz Club, and was invited to perform in the Australian

2012 Telethon show, which featured Elton John as the headlining act.

In June 2013, the South African Tourism Board invited Lizé to perform the official tribute song for Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday in Sydney, Australia. Later that year she performed at Joburg Day in South Africa, and was once again invited to perform at the Australian 2013 Telethon. She also supported Bon Jovi in his concert in Johannesburg.

Over the years, this singer, songwriter has taken the world by storm. She continues to dazzle audiences across the globe as her soul-tinged songs set to resonate with all who hear them. Anchoring her music is Lizé’s incredible voice. As versatile as it is distinct, its power is matched with her vivacious personality. Watch the headlines for her next performance.

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