Featured - February 15, 2016


The programme is flexible and carefully structured to suit the needs of parents and children. Parents can choose full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc aftercare, depending on their need. Our aftercare facility is run by a suitably qualified staff member and is based on the Pre-Primary School premises.

NB: Regular attendance rates, payable over 11 months, apply to a minimum of one month’s aftercare and include afternoon holiday care, otherwise casual rates apply. Casual Aftercare must be paid for on booking.

Monthly aftercare payments are paid in advance, and cover lunch and aftercare during the holidays (up until 1st week in December).

Our aftercare children enjoy a hot, balanced meal of freshly prepared food. We teach table manners and good eating habits while the children enjoy a social meal with their peers. After lunch the Grade 000’s rest while the others enjoy free play under the vigilant eye of our loving staff. We provide creative, constructive and physical activities as well as group games.

After the afternoon snack at 3.30pm, the children enjoy group games, story time and a half hour DVD before home time.