Featured - February 15, 2016


Set on the bank of the Jukskei River in a tranquil, secure environment with lovely indigenous trees which provide a shady canopy for the children to play is the aftercare facility for Crawford Preparatory School in Lonehill.

Aftercare provides a safe haven for our children where they nurtured and cared for. Our staff collect the Grade Ones and Twos from the Foundation Phase when the bell rings at the end of the school day. The juniors are then escorted to the Outback Club where they are all served a delicious, well-balanced and nutritious home-cooked meal. After their meal the children proceed to the junior homework classroom where their homework is supervised. The staff ensures that the children remember to go to their extra-mural activities. After their homework is completed children participate in board games, outside/inside play, art activities and games.

We have a TV and video machine which we allow only at certain allocated and supervised times.