Academic Programme

Academic Programme

Featured - February 5, 2016


At Pre-Primary level we offer a combination of free choice time and teacher directed time.

During free choice, children play in the garden where they have jungle gyms to learn agility, obstacle courses for balance, hand-eye and eye-foot co-ordination games, sensopathic play, water play and the ever popular sandpit. The cognitive area offers puzzles, construction games and cognitive games, while the fantasy area allows them to play Mummy and Daddy and become involved in a make-believe world!

The formal teacher directed time is called “ring” at Pre-Primary, which is a lesson.
We have specialist teachers for a number of these lessons (listed in the booklet) and they last up to 30 minutes.

Each day ends with a story which is told to the children with the help of story aids.
They then rest on the mat until collected at the end of the day.

School Readiness

At the Grade 0 level, we incorporate a School Readiness Programme into the daily routine. The children are taught the skills and concepts needed for the more formal Grade 1.

The Programme they follow includes Matal – which is science for children, and encourages questions and logical reasoning. They do group work, where they learn to share and co-operate within the group and learn by doing, L.T.A – which
is Learning through Activity. OBE is now the required Government curriculum and is fully covered by our Grade 0’s. THRASS Literacy Programme which stands for Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills is used throughout the school.

All the teaching and activities are designed to give the children a solid foundation and a clear understanding of work covered.

A Readiness Evening is held early in the year, where at least one parent per child is expected to attend – ideally both.

Extra Mural

A variety of extra mural activities are offered. Children should not be pressurized into participating in this programme until they are ready to do so. These activities are additional to the school programme and so fees are paid directly to those providing the service.